Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Lost Love

The Lost Love.

The lines written below are meant to describe the intensity and longing of love in life. These are universal feelings in particular circumstances which may relate to one or many among us.

Thinking of love that was lost many  years ago. The time when cruel hands of fate made us part and proceed in different directions on the journey of life without having the pleasant company of each other. Was it the destiny which played its role or was it our own inability to face the challenges posed by the possibility of union to tread together on life’s difficult terrain .Was the love not strong enough to face the pressures of the non relenting society  or was it a lack of communication between the two loving hearts. Why do the echoes of long lost love still vibrate in my ears and feelings so intense make my heart shudder in disbelief and sorrow recollecting the sad tale of love . Were those the feelings guided by immaturity if so why do they keep coming back even when we have achieved full maturity  with passage of time and through vast experiences doled on us by growing age. Love so strong that it still manages to sustain in the distracting circumstances of life yet so weak that it failed in its true objective. Every day  I contemplate and try to locate the weakness in our love and understanding but fail miserably to get the right answer .Those ever enticing smiles , those heart rendering tears , those scary moments of anger and those beautiful moments of supple softness, all are the thing of the past leaving behind them the trail of sorrows and anguish.. Living now in distant lands separated by vast geographical distances having different dreams and ambitions in life, we can just shed tears on the destruction of love which once stood so strong. Why did the attraction develop between us in the first place when it was not to be realized latter on. What were the basis of the feelings between us or were they merely a superficial portrayal of love without any depth. During the brief sojourn in the realm of love we sometimes liked and than disliked and than again liked each other. We shared the times of elation, depression, fulfillment and anxiety together achieving a particular level of tolerance and mutual understanding between us. We had laughed and cried together sharing mutual dependence in various tricky situations yet we never complained. So beautiful and blissful were the moments of togetherness that  after so many years mere thinking of those times manages to get smile back on the face. But it is always followed by a silent tear sneaking out of the eyes on hearing ever ringing death knell of love. Professional commitments , family engagements and social obligations keep us busy and the time has flown by as months followed by years have changed the thoughts and situations of life. Grey strands of hair have started appearing signaling new levels of maturity and growing age. Individual capacities and education have bestowed good achievements in respective professions. The vision of life has changed but the strong feelings of the first love still remain unaffected . The fond memories of gone days surface numerous times adding pleasantness to life.  Remaining engrossed in your thoughts in whatever free opportune moments the life provides in otherwise busy schedule gives solace and tranquility adding freshness and new fervor to go on facing various challenges of life head on .

This is not one particular situation or one story of lost love. This is not the first instance when the love died and again it is not going to be the last one. The sufferings and longings of love continues since ages and will last till eternity. This is not a story of one individual but rather I have tried to sum up the feelings all those who were at one point of time involved in true love. This is the story which relates to Heer and Ranjah, Sassi and  Puno, Shirin and Farhad,  Romeo and Juliet and so on . The circumstances, intensity and times may differ but the spirit of the love  is the same. It is the story of so many of us shedding silent tears on the long lost love with no one to hear or understand those discreet but very special feelings. It is about the numerous souls those who are searching and grooping for the love that was lost once somewhere in this universe  and which never came back again and for those who in present times are enjoying the bliss of love, to tell them to hold tightly onto their loved ones least they slip out of grasp in this vast universe to be lost for ever.

I will sum up the feelings of love with following beautiful lines of famous poet;

“Then seek not, sweet, the “If” and “Why”
I love you now until I die.
For I must love because I live
And life in me is what you give.”
Keep Loving and Be Happy Always .

With Love From

Jolly Ghuman.
This post is written for BlogAdda's Stages of Love contest. Have a look at Preeti Shenoy's Life is What You Make It.

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